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Bravo to Verlin and Bender: With a copy of Pressing Israel in hand, Americans can learn how to read mainstream media reporting on the Middle East rather as Soviet subjects once read Pravda- that is, picking out truth from distorted coverage

- Daniel Pipes-  Director, Middle East Forum

Finally, an exciting expose’ of the whole truth about the Muslim Arab war against the

Jewish State of Israel.  This book will make you an expert, able to defend against any

arguments hostile to Israel.  One can use the facts presented here to write letters, Op-

Eds, or verbally make a powerful case in defense of Israel and against the rampant and

persistent anti-Israel media bias.  The facts in this book will enable you to win over ill-informed Israeli critics, be they professors, journalists, congressmen, friends; and to read any article or report about Israel with powerful new insights that will make it impossible for you to be misled. Run, don’t walk to get this book.

- Mort Klein-  President, Zionist Organization of America

This seminal book provides someone who follows news from the Middle East with insight into the subtle ways in which the mainstream media will provide skewed coverage of events in the Middle East, giving you the reader the ability to discern the tendentious headlines, pejorative descriptions, and one-sided news stories. Once you have read Pressing Israel: Media Bias Exposed form A-Z, the reader will have the ability to know how to confront editors, publishers and journalists to tone done the inherent media bias in the western media. 

-          David Bedein-  Director Israel Resource News Agency, and Center for Near East Policy Research

Pressing Israel by Lee Bender and Jerry Verlin confronts the mainstream media's biased coverage of Israel.  The presence of a multitude of foreign reporters who prefer to be based in Jerusalem rather than in Gaza, Ramallah, Damascus, or elsewhere in the Middle East, due to the freedoms and comforts Israel provides is used against this open democracy in the most vicious and inaccurate ways.  Lee Bender and Jerry Verlin deal accurately and effectively with the buzz words that dominates the media's discourse on the Arab Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  Provocative terms such as "Apartheid state" and "Occupied Territories" are debunked by this useful book. Pressing Israel is an excellent primer for students on campus dealing with the Arab/Muslim/leftist propagandists.  

- Joseph Puder-  Founder and Director, Interfaith Taskforce for America and                         Israel (ITAI)


The mainstream media's misinformation and vilification of Israel is the Trojan Horse in the modern-day war against the Jewish People. But this horse does not just enter through the gates, it has vaporized and flows through the printing presses, the bandwidths and the aural passages of every sentient human being. Each of us are continuously assaulted with that noxious gas of anti-Israel vitriol masquerading as facts.  Kudos to Messrs Verlin and Bender for creating an easily accessible and fact-filled source for decoding the major organs and language of this potent weapon. From the A-Z section laying out the key terms behind which the weapon enters our consciousness, to the just as vital antidote section which lays out the necessary background tools of truth with which we can immunize ourselves from this weapon, "Pressing Israel" is a must-have and must-read for all who want to attain a healthy understanding of the truth about what is happening in and to Israel.
            - Lori Lowenthal Marcus-  President, Z STREET

Pressing Israel is an important book that everyone who cares about Israel should read. It reveals the depth of media bias and exposes how the starting point for conversation about Israel is inherently biased due to the media's repeated use of misleading terms and inaccurate facts. Read it, digest it, and then act upon it so you can speak the truth to the propaganda.

- Amy Holtz – President, JerusalemOnlineU .com