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Pavilion Press' Used Books section is a source of Jewish heritage books in the process of being assembled.  The emphasis is on history, not scholarly tomes titled "The History of the Jews" (though we'll have a few of these too), but gripping participant and witness accounts of Israel's rebirth and Israeli-Arab wars, including by modern Israel's Washingtons, Jeffersons, Franklins and other State founders; Zionist classics; first-person and other accounts of all Holocaust aspects; Jewish presence in the land of Israel throughout post-biblical times; and history and archeological works for the fully interested general reader on biblical times.

Visit us often as we build and categorize our selections.  Browsing the descriptions of a varied and growing collection of Jewish heritage books is a fulfilling roots-connecting experience along with a shopping trip.

"Used" books are not diminished in instrinsic value, but are the stuff of which libraries are made.  

Ten percent of the sale price of Pavilion Press' used books section sales will be donated to FactsOnIsrael.com, Inc., striving to encourage supporters of Israel to strengthen their knowledge of the Jewish people's homeland connection, including continuous physical presence, in the land of Israel, and to use historically-grounded terminology - e.g., Judea-Samaria, not "West Bank"; Israel's reattainment of sovereignty, not "creation and founding in 1948"; 1949 ceasefire lines, not "1967 borders," etc. -, rather than Israel's enemies' and mainstream media's loaded terms, in referencing Jewish homeland history and current events.